Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Jesus It's About Time! iPhone 4!

The waiting for my next new iPhone is almost over and the spy photos were right.  Also, the features appear to be great, with a great price point.   My current 3G is so very slow with a slugging battery that holds a charge for just a few hours now, very sluggish touch screen response, slow texting, slow everything.   So to me, today's WWDC proved even more exciting for me as the 3GS proved to be a lackluster model upgrade before something really new and good came out.  Worth the wait, I think.

Now, that the form factor is different, how will iPhone case makers evolve? Will there be insurance widely available from AT&T or do we keep using mainstream personal effects policies like those from State Farm? Time will tell.

Big thanks to Gdgt and MacRumors for giving this fan boy a real-time view of it all.  June 15 (and/or 24) here I come....

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